Wednesday, August 16, 2006

24 x 18 glossy motivation

While browsing though an office supply catalogue at work today in search of the perfect type stand for the new receptionist, I came across a page full of "motivational posters." If my company ever orders any of these, I'm pretty sure I'm quitting my job. Here is an example:

"Goals: There is no end to the amount of things you can accomplish."

As much as I love porpoises at sunset, I don't think that poster would motivate me to do anything. Except quit.


G. Twilley said...

Not your fault, but that picture has nothing to do with goals. I don't know if you know Karen Graffeo (Art/Photgraphy Prof @ Montevallo), but she said that posters like that always made her so upset because it was as if someone was forcing you to think or feel a certain way about the subject. When I see flipper hopping in the light of a sunset, goals just don't come to mind. Seafood…maybe. Goals…I guess only if they have to do with seafood.

alisa said...

i swear amanda, your blog gets funnier with each post. but you know, we make fun of those kinds of photos, posters, etc., and i hardly think they qualify as art but if i was there and i actually took a picture like that, i think i might be pretty excited. i might even want it published.

s. wells said...

that poster makes me feel pukish.
but the ocean has always scared me a little bit.

jon becker said...

check out this link i think you will find these really funny!

Anonymous said...

Beware of TEACHERS...comments