Wednesday, September 13, 2006

highlights from the beach

I didn't expect for it to be so strange to be around all of my coworkers outside of work. I had a really good time, but it's just weird to see everyone's personalities really come out when they're away from the office. And when they've got alcohol in them. Here are some highlights from the trip:
  1. A giant rock flying at my car on the interstate on the way down. It tumbled toward my windshield in slow motion, and left not one, but two knicks in the glass. Although this doesn't seem funny, Bonnie and I couldn't control our laughter for a good five minutes.
  2. Drunken karaoke and limbo at the pool party on Friday night. Good times had by all.
  3. Being told by a married, intoxicated coworker that he loved me.
  4. Fifty minutes on the massage table, without the regret of paying money for it. Nice.
  5. Hearing the younger engineers drone on and on at dinner about how drunk they were the night before. So impressive. (Not so much a "highlight" but memorable, nonetheless).
  6. Being "those people" who sit around in circles on the beach at night with coolers, talking loudly and incessantly and sometimes jumping into the ocean fully clothed.

It was a good time. If I'm still here in two years, I'll look forward to the next one.

That's a big "if."

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sheena said...

tell your boss to hire me!