Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This is a rant.

As may of you know, I had braces (that I like to refer to as my "adult orthodontia") for 2 years, and jaw surgery in April of 2005 in which I voluntarily had my jaw broken in two places and screwed back together (note: this screwing is not what the title of this blog is referring to. We'll get to that). After the braces came off in March of this year, I thought that the fiasco was over and I would only be returning for occasional check-ups.

Until my retainer broke. My orthodontist gave me a regular retainer, when what I really needed was a splint to keep me from grinding my teeth at night, which causes some pretty severe jaw pain. The retainer that he gave me eventually gave way and split under the pressure of my apparently strong jaws and teeth. Since then, there have been a few problems.

Problem #1 -
My orthodontist is in Tuscaloosa. I live in Birmingham. My boss gets annoyed every time I tell him I have an appointment. I got my orthodontist to refer me to one here. I go today for what I think will be a quick visit. Wrong ... 2 1/2 hours.

Problem #2 -
I know that I have TMJ. That is the whole reason why I have gone through all of this. In order to get a splint and have it covered by insurance, the new doctor has to give me a TMJ exam. This costs $125.

Problem #3 -
The cost of a splint - a little piece of plastic - is $950.

Problem #4 -
My company doesn't have dental insurance. We have dental reimbursement, which goes into affect after one year of employment. I will be eligible on Oct. 31st. And even then, the amount I am allowed for the rest of the year is $202. Perfect. Now the piece of plastic is only $748.

Problem #5 -
In addition to getting a splint, I will also have to have more orthodontist's appointments, which will further annoy my boss.

Is it too much to ask for the constant f-ing pain in my jaw to be taken care of? All I want is to be able to open my mouth all the way. Geez.


lyndseyamcintyre said...

Good thing you are going to be shaking your Arbonne all over the place to pay for your dental needs.

amanda said...

Dear World Wide Web,

"Arbonne" is not an anatomical code word.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jason Harmon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jason Harmon said...

I thought it was... if in fact it isn't it should be. And in light of the title of this post, thats somewhat shady.

the deleted one was from me... I spotted a typo after I'd posted it.

lyndseyamcintyre said...

ooopsss...i didn't intend to leave a suggestive comment..i mean, what is this Blog rated, anyway?? Sorry Amanda. Sorry Rick Barnes. Although, it's really funny if you do read it as an anatomical code word!! hee hee...has it come to that, ARH??

G. Twilley said...

sorry to hear. sounds an awful spot to be.

susan said...

OH SUCK. I'm sorry. Have you met RMC's official orthodontist Carl Walker?


amanda said...

Susan -

Yes, I've met Carl. He walked up to me at church when I still had my braces on and asked me who my orthodontist was. I thought it an odd question until he told me he's an orthodontist.

Principessa said...

I know ALL about "bargains." You know that tasteful metal contraption that I, you know, walk around with? Yeah. You would think it would be uber cheap--seeing as how it is so cheaply made. The thing cost $800+...and I need a new one every two years. Talk about fun times!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I have TMJ too! I never had my jaw broken, but always thought about doing it...sounded like it would hurt too bad!! Now, I just live with crooked teeth and sometime a popping jaw :) I love your recipes, keep them coming! Hope your well,
Mary Martha

David said...

OMG...i dont have TMJ, but this makes me a bit nervous about the journey I've begun. I guess I shouldn't move until I'm "done" with my ortho work, eh?

amanda said...

David -

You took the plunge? You won't have anything to worry about if you're not having all the jaw crap done. I can't wait to see what the finished product!