Sunday, September 2, 2007

dessert overloads, guidance counselors, and teen drama addictions

Training starts tomorrow. I am currently thinking of the three desserts that I had today, picturing a thick stream of sugary sludge coursing through my body as I attempt my first official day of strength training. I feel guilty. But that was the best dang chocolate cake I've had in a long time. Thanks, Julia.

[subject change]

I don't remember it being so hard to think about school the first time around. I'm pretty sure that I only applied to Montevallo. I guess I already had my mind made up on where I wanted to go, but looking back that was a pretty stupid thing to do. What if I wouldn't have gotten accepted? Not that it's all that hard to get accepted as an undergrad at Montevallo, but still. I have this fear that I'm going to get rejected from the schools I want to apply to. And with my minimal background in English literature and lack of any sort of writing portfolio, I'm a little afraid of being laughed off campus for not knowing anything (I blame this, in part, on the Tuscaloosa County school systems. Thanks for nothing).

I'm having a hard time knowing where to begin with this. I don't remember ever talking to a guidance counselor in high school, but I'm really wishing that I had one now. Someone to help me find a good program and a large scholarship and/or grant. I don't remember how the process goes. I'm a little clueless and lost, very paranoid about being in debt until I'm sixty, but still excited about the possibilities. I need an adventure in my life.

My desire to return to school has been partially fueled by my recent addiction to the television show Felicity. My roommate has the first season on dvd, and I watched the entire thing in a week. Last night, upon finishing the last episode, I promptly re-joined Netflix just so I could get the next three seasons without having to buy them. This show is quality. Really. I don't know why I didn't watch it more when it was actually on tv. I am hopelessly in love with Noel Crane. I want a Noel Crane of my very own. Seriously. I want to put up Noel Crane posters and join Noel Crane fan clubs and wear Noel Crane buttons with his picture on them and write crazy Noel Crane fan letters. Is that weird?

But really ... in the show they go to NYU. So picturesque. NYU doesn't have a program that I want, but wouldn't it be completely unbelievable to go there? I want to be in a city like that. Or at least I think I do.


Kathryn said...

i loved felicity as well. one of my favorite shows of all time. i remember when it went off the air. so sad. and i, too, want to go back to school. my choices as to WHERE are limited due to the fact that i have a husband my concern currently is what i will go back to school for? I sit here on line everyday taking career tests and stupid stuff for direction. I need a life coach i think. heehee.

amanda hannah said...

It IS such a good show! Noel was being a real jerk there for a while at the beginning of season two. He's redeeming himself, though.

Going back is such a bigger deal than going the first time, isn't it? I hope you find out what you want to do.

jeff said...

what colleges have you applied for for grad work?

amanda hannah said...

Jeff -

I haven't yet. I am probably going to need to do some undergradute work first. Any suggestions on schools?

susan said...

New York has other schools besides NYU. One of them might be for you. AND, you get cut a BIG BREAK when you're applying to grad school after having worked awhile. Trust me.