Monday, October 29, 2007


I am noticing in me a greater capacity for seeing and enjoying the things that make life beautiful, and it is new and refreshing and alien. This weekend there were many such things to enjoy. I breathed them in like evergreens in December and was sad to see them go. There were friends, old and new. Uninhibited, hold nothing back types of friends. Dance crazy in the car, do silly photo shoots, laugh until your stomach hurts, cry to good music types of friends. There was wonderful food to enjoy, and it made me thankful that we have taste buds to enjoy it with. I ate a perfect brunch in a perfect little cafe, savoring every last crumb and admiring the clever contrast of rustic and modern. There was beautiful music - songs that I can never imagine having the talent to write, performed by a simple and powerful voice and accompanied by good storytelling. There was soulful music - the kind that you hear better with your eyes closed and that makes you dance almost uncontrollably. There were people in lines waiting to take the wine and the bread, embraces, parents' faces beaming at their new little ones, coconut macaroons, and fuzzy blankets. It was a good weekend.

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G. Twilley said...

just want to say that I am and have enjoyed your blog AH. Long overdue, but I added a link from mine to your's this evening. FYI.