Monday, January 28, 2008

the curse

Apparently, it is hard for people to distinguish which of my names is the first name, and which is the last. I received an email today from a client who greeted me as "Hannah." Now, I realize that both of my names are first names, but typically the first name is on the left and the last name is on the right. Really - not that hard.

I hope that my next last name is much less complicated.


Laura said...

Maybe they was just bein' cool yo, callin' you by your last name.

Anonymous said...

Good possible next surnames for poor Amanda Hannah:

Amanda Blair
Amanda Jordan
Amanda Kelly
Amanda Kim
Amanda Lee
Amanda May
Amanda Page
Amanda Ray
Amanda Robin
Amanda Rose
Amanda Scott
Amanda Taylor

susan said...

I love your name. It's poetic. And I'm an English student, so I know.