Tuesday, February 5, 2008

over the rhine

I missed out on a lot of good music when I was younger. Back then I thought that listening to certain types of music would make me a better person, so while everyone else was listening to Nirvana, I was listening to Third Day. Jennifer Knapp instead of Sarah McLachlan. Point of Grace instead of the Indigo Girls. You get the point. But this has made music an extremely enjoyable thing for me over the past several years. The change and maturation in my musical tastes has been synonymous with where I am in my life, both physically and spiritually. There is so much to discover and identify with. And all of the good artists have been making music for so long that I have plenty to explore.

As is the case with Over the Rhine. Had I known, they would've been woven into my musical fabric ten years ago. Their show was on the verge of a religious experience. More of a feeling than a sound, like the groan of the Holy Spirit in intercession. So powerful that you think it might just wrap around you and lift you out of your seat. Something about a combination piano, jazz drums, guitar, horns, stand-up bass, and soulful voices works it's way from your ears straight to that mystical center of your being and then comes out your toes. A musical cocktail of jazz, Americana, folk, country, and gospel. I welcomed both encores. Amazing.

Listen here.


s. wells said...

i have listened to over the rhine for 12 years and i have never been to a concert. one of my good friends went to the one last night and i could have cried that i missed it.

i'm glad you were there :)

Carla Jean said...

I nearly cried, twice. I'm listening to them right now. I didn't get my first OtR CD until last week, but after last night I might be in danger of diving in deep. That was an amazing, beautiful, heart-wrenching concert.

brooke jared said...

thanks for letting me go with you Amanda. It truly was a beautiful show.

jess said...

man, we wish we had been there!
thanks for sharing...we're new fans as well ;)