Monday, March 31, 2008

apartment from hell

Friday night I spent a lovely evening with friends doing one of my favorite things - baking. We baked and talked from 7 until almost midnight - laughing, stuffing ourselves with sugary goodness, and even doing a little dancing. It was fantastic.

When I arrived home late that night, all of those happy feelings left my body like the sound of a vinyl record when the needle slips off. I walked into my apartment where my roommate had kindly left a lamp on for me. As I reached to turn off the lamp I looked down to see thousands - yes, thousands - of bugs on the floor. Being one who has always prided herself on being the calm one when bugs and rodents are present (with the exception of bees, which I have an unnatural and debilitating fear of), I was surprised when I completely freaked out at the sight of them. Perhaps it was because of the sheer multitude of them, or perhaps the anger of yet another problem in my apartment. I hurried off to the kitchen and readied myself for combat with spray bug killer. After a good five minutes of dousing the winged intruders, I hopped into the shower to rid myself of the bugs-are-crawling-on-my-body sensation.

Only a few returned, so I wasn't that worried about it. Until today when I found out that they are TERMITES. Perfect. Infested with termites. If the people upstairs don't stop walking so heavily, the building is surely going to fall in, what with all the holes they are surely gnawing in the walls.

Not to mention, I also discovered the signs of a rat under the kitchen sink this weekend. That bastard ate my whole wheat couscous, and then returned it to me in the form of nasty little turds. He'll pay dearly for that.



jess said...

HOLY #%&! That would have completely freaked me out. So sorry about all the apartment woes.

Elisa M said...

I am so sorry! That sucks. Raise Hell! i mean serious, 'you will rue the day you ever rented me a shit hole' kind of hell raising.

sara said...

ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. maybe the rat will eat the termites.

Anonymous said...

That's disgusting. Perhaps it's time to leave the old, bug-infested trenches of Southside and get yourself a modern apartment. I live in Cahaba Lakes. Yes, it's on 280, but every apartment comes with a washer/dryer, free water, and we have a gym, racquet ball courts, pool, and tennis courts. It's really, really nice.

Rick said...

Amanda, when you were in Thailand, the Beach Project at the Panama Palms became infested with mites and people were discovering bumps in random parts of the body. Does that make you feel any better?

katie said...

there aren't any bugs in CA. none. nor are there bad apartments.
or boys that talk about penisessss, except my boys.

you should just move here. ;)
all your problems would be solved.

ash.amy said...

wow. so when is he giving you all of your rent money back? there are some tasty treats of menfolk up here and they are wicked smahrt b/c they go to hah-vard. move here! ;) miss you, lay-dee!

Anonymous said...

who the f*** wants to live down 280 with those douchebags...?! you can either spray the infestation of bugs in your apt or become part of the bhm suv infestation that is 280, raquetball courts included.