Tuesday, September 9, 2008

that kind of day

Some days, wearing a white shirt and drinking coffee is a dangerous combination. Today is one of those days.

After eating lunch with Jessica at Urban Standard, I returned to my desk with my coffee. This is what happened after sip one:

The stain was small and manageable. I found the engineer with the Tide To-go pen and removed most of the stain. Immediately after returning the pen, I went back to my coffee for sip number two.
That's right. Pen, round two. It didn't occur to me that rubbing my left breast with a pen in my cubicle was a bad idea until I got a couple of interesting looks from dudes walking by.

I thought Mondays were supposed to be like this. Not Tuesdays.

1 comment:

Bridge said...

i had that day too only mine wasn't coffee. it was a taco bell burrito. the taco bell employee seemed to have forgotten to roll up one side.