Monday, January 9, 2006


This is my 3rd attempt within the past week that I have tried to write on this thing, and I've been unsuccessful every time. It seems that my life is becoming very boring.

The piano is coming along nicely. I am actually learning to count rhythms a little better, which has always been my problem. Its encouraging. For about the first week I was just pissed off every time I would play, but its coming back to me slowly. Maybe that one theory class that I failed helped more than I realized, so I can be proud of that F on my transcript.

I am taking the first step toward being a true presbyterian this week. Red Mountain is having their class for new members, and I will definitely be in attendance. I'm so excited that soon I will be a member of a church that I actually attend, and where I can get plugged in with the people and ministry. I've been a member at my parent's church for years, but haven't attended there since I was in high school.

Plans are in the works for moving to the downtown area. It makes sense to live, work, worship, and minister all in the same community - to adopt that area as my home and not feel like my life is so disconnected and scattered. And I really just don't feel at home in the place that I live right now ... in a huge-ass apartment complex where there are a million other apartments that look just like mine, and I never see the other people who live in them. Not even the people who live right next door to me. Not to mention, the traffic sucks. When I was on my way home last night, it hit me that I will make that same drive five times a week until May (that is, if I move out). That's depressing. I have come to despise the path that is my way home, and everyday it gets a little more annoying.

That's all that's going on in my life right now superficially, but maybe I'll post some real thoughts later.

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