Monday, May 22, 2006

open bar + dancing = one heck of a good time

I attended my first Catholic wedding on Saturday evening. Let me just say, those Catholics know how to throw down. Put three glasses of free wine in this girl and she'll dance like a crazy fool all night long. If you are my friend and are getting married, please have an open bar and a DJ.

There are certain people that bring out sides of me that I didn't really know existed. They make this uneasy, introverted girl feel like the most confident person in the world. Its funny how certain personalities mesh like that. This friend of mine who got married is one of those people ... it was bittersweet.

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Ginny said...

glad to hear you had fun. but of course we always have fun. only wish i was with you so we could show everybody our sweet moves.

thanks for helping me this weekend. it really meant a lot.