Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hip new terminology

Some terms to incorporate into your vocabulary:
  1. borborygmus (noun) : The rumbling sound of gas passing through the intestine. "Nothing is more embarassing than loud borborygmus at a formal dinner." (This is what my friends and I like to call an "inside toot." Don't act like it doesn't happen to you.)
  2. bunglion (noun) : A ganglion cyst, found in the place where a bunion would be. "I had a bunglion removed from my right foot last year." (Ginny ... this one's for you and your ganglion. May you never have a bunglion.)
  3. fivehead (noun) : a very large forehead; the forehead of someone who is balding or has a receding hairline. "Did you see that guys forehead, it looked more like a fivehead!"
  4. weenus (noun) : The flabby skin on your elbow. "My weenus has no feeling." (Adam told us about this one, but we didn't believe him).
  5. wordhole (noun) : Mouth. "Shut your wordhole."
  6. pants (adj.): Slang (esp. Brit) - 1) Of inferior quality 2) Nonsense. "That's pants!" (This is my personal favorite).
  7. honka (noun) : A term used as a greeting between two caucasian men. A derivation of the slang term "honky". "What's up, my honka."
  8. crankasaurus rex (noun) : Name given to a tyrannically cranky person who must stomp around, making his or her misery known to everyone nearby by snapping and snarling at them. "Stay out of his way, he's a crankasaurus rex today." (Because who doens't like a good dinosaur joke?)


Anonymous said...

T-Rex appreciates you giving a name to her agitated counterpart.

Rick said...

The weenus example was priceless!

Ginny said...

ganglion...i know nothing about ganglions

amanda said...

Ginny -

Don't be ashamed of your ganglion. He's a part of you.