Thursday, December 14, 2006

on dish soap, employee reviews, and holiday vacations

On Dish Soap ...
I know I keep writing about my dreams, but they just keep being funny. The other night I had one where I was running late for work, and was making a turkey sandwich for lunch. I put on the turkey, mustard, and cheese and put the sandwich together. Then I thought, "I forgot something." I opened it back up, gave it generous squirt of blue dish soap, and then looked at it proudly as if that was just what it needed. Mmmm ... turkey and dish soap sandwiches are my favorite.

On Employee Reviews ...
I had my first employee review with my firm last week. It sucked. A little background ... I have been the office assistant for the past year at the firm I work for. This is enough to keep a girl busy with close to 60 engineers to assist. On top of that, I am also now the assistant to the marketing director. More work, not more pay of course.

So I go into my employee review and tell my supervisor (who is an engineer and doesn't really "supervise" me at all) that I'm having a hard time knowing how to prioritize my time between the two roles, since both have "urgent" needs. Upon hearing this, he looked at me and said, "Oh, I just thought you didn't have enough to do." Strike one. Then after telling him that I'd like to eventually move up to a higher position at the firm, he tells me, "Oh, I just assumed that you were looking for another job while you were here since you have a degree." Strike two. And he never told me I was doing a good job. Strike three. I love my job.

On holiday vacations ...
I am taking two days off before Christmas to go to Tuscaloosa, hang out with the fam, and go to doctor's appointments. It is sad when you consider going to doctor's appointments a vacation.


DS in Southside said...

Suck! Sorry your review was so bad. Unfortunately, people who are good at something (say, a really good engineer) are often put into a position of managing others without any experience or knowledge of how to manage (the thought being that if they are good at engineering, they should be good at other things, even though they are night and day differences - my dad is an engineer, so don't take it personally - they all have personality disorders). And the rest of us suffer for it. So, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you're doing a great job. And screw him if he doesn't recognize it - he'll recognize it eventually, after it's too late, after he's run you off and realizes all the things you did and then has to go hire two people to do what you're doing. Little comfort to you now, I'm sure, but I firmly believe that the best revenge is living well.

Are you sure the turkey sandwich thing was a dream? The other night, I thought your breath smelled suspiciously like soap, but I didn't want to say anything. Or maybe I'm just trying to hurt you out of spite, since you stole my gnome riding a frog statue. But I hope that it at least brings you joy.

susan said...

I think that dream means you say too many bad words. :-)
You've inspired me to write about the dream I had the other night. I was a chicken dating Vince Vaughn.