Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I found out yesterday that one of my favorite coworkers is leaving to go to another firm. When you aren’t the biggest fan of your job, and the things that keep you there are the people and the benefits (and the fact that you need a paycheck), this sort of thing can really bring you down. But even though we’re good friends, it’s a little awkward because this person is of the married male variety. So, it’s not like I can just call him up and hang out … his wife would probably think that’s odd, even though I sort of know her, too. Maybe it’s not a good idea to be good friends with married men. Lesson learned.

Sometimes friendships creep in without notice ... like winter - one day it's warm outside and then all of the sudden you're searching through the attic for your favorite sweater. It's hard to remember all the details that are sandwiched between the time you first exchanged greetings and the feeling that you've known someone forever. Friendships can develop so quickly between people, and I love that. Since I moved to this city, I've been so richly blessed by the people I've met. People from all over, so delightfully different from me. Lives interwoven, changing one another. O, that I would not take them for granted.


jeff said...

Amanda, I think you are a good writer. You express what your thinking very well and the way you present it egages me when I read it. Just thought I would let you know. Maybe one day you'll write a book and then i can tell people I know you!

amanda hannah said...

Thanks, Jeff! I consider that one of my favorite compliments.

Deanie said...

this one touched me.