Wednesday, January 17, 2007

i hate technology

Okay, so maybe I don't hate all technology. You caught me. But I do hate technology when it doesn't work.

After weeks of careful consideration, I finally chose an Internet service for my apartment. As much as I love the library and coffee shops, lugging my computer in and setting it up every time I need to use the Internet is a huge pain. Especially when my crappy Gateway laptop won't hold a charge, and I have to search around the library/coffee shop for an outlet (they're harder to come by than one might think).

So, I arrive at my apartment last night and am delighted to see that there is a little brown box on my porch ... the set-up kit for my long-anticipated access to the world wide web. I almost had it opened before I even got through the door. I opened the instructions and found the disc that claimed to walk me through an "easy set up process" and have me online in no time. I lugged out the Gateway, and plugged it in to the old, dilapidated outlets in my living room that are too weak to actually hold the plug in for an extended period of time.

I popped in the cd, and began the set up process. It was pretty painless, after I found my phone jack (which is not in a good location). I got all the way to the end of the disc where it was supposed to configure my modem, or some techno-speak like that. I needed to put in my residential phone number. Well ... I didn't have that. It was in an email they'd sent me. Perfect ... no Internet connection, gotta lug the computer to the coffee shop. But wait ... maybe, by some small miracle, I can pick up a random wireless signal. Success! The Lord smiled upon me, and I was able to pick one up, check my email, and get the number. I plugged in all the necessary information. I waited patiently, as instructed by my automated tutor, but nothing ever happened. I needed to check my phone line. I didn't have a phone with which to check my phone line.

Get in the car ... go to Kmart as they are about to close. Pick up a $10 phone that I don't want, along with some toothpaste and such. Head back home to check the phone line. Nothing. Try to call my parents because I don't know what to do next ... cell phone cuts out mid-conversation (thanks, Suckular). Find "24/7" telephone repair number in phone book. Call the number ... no answer! I can't win.

Three hours of work, all for nothing. Still no surfing the web at my apartment. Curse words.

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G. Twilley said...

Maybe you can call your phone provider and ask if they'll reimburse you for those 3 hours of your life. Any thing's worth a try.