Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i heart my granny

My granny is one of the funniest ladies I know. I hope that one day I am a lot like her. I went to see her last night while I was in Tuscaloosa, and this is how our time went.

I walked up to the front door and was greeted by Granny, her hair pulled back in a bright pink headband and a big grin on her face. She hugged me and made a comment about being excited to see her favorite granddaughter (that's because I'm her only one). I followed her to the kitchen where she was cooking up some vegetables and cornbread for my grandfather. Although I told her I was about to go eat dinner, she insisted that I have some peas and creamed corn, and a little bit of everything else she had in the fridge. We sat down on the sofa, her making a spot for me right next to her, and she pulled out all these jokes and such that come in her Sunday church bulletins. This is a very predictable thing that she does. She thinks they're so hilarious. After we visited for a while and it was time to go, I got up and headed for the door. I literally had one foot outside, and she says "Do you need any stickers?" and she walks back into the kitchen and starts rummaging through a drawer. She pulls out about fifty sheets of return address labels and shoves about twenty of them into my hand. They all have her address on them. It made me smile.


G. Twilley said...

Maybe she wants you to write her.

It would be easy to label the'd only need to put a stamp on it [you could avoid paying postage by putting it in the return address spot and drop it in the mail w/out a stamp...]

Anonymous said...

my grandmother always puts a $50 bill in mine and Alisa's back pockets when we have one foot out the door. She does it "secretly" so that our grandpa doesn't see. But, usually, he's already given us a $20 bill each. it's fabtabulous.
~Amy P.

amanda hannah said...

Stickers, $50 bills ... it's the thought that counts.

Kathryn said...

my grandma isn't very cute like that. she's not particularly fun at all. somewhat boring...however, she has this life long friend that ever since we all were born would send us $5.00 every year on our birthdays and christmas. Always. She still does. It's really amusing. And now that I am married she sends me $10.00 - so Luke gets 5.00, too. It's pretty neat - considering I've only met her like once ever. She does this to Amy still - at 30 years old. Just sweet. $5.00 barely buys 2 gallons of gas anymore - but it's just neat.

April Barber said...

Okay...I'm busted. I have been reading your blog, but not leaving comments. Hope you don't mind. I really like the way you write. And this one made me laugh out loud. I wish I could meed your granny!

amanda hannah said...

kathryn - thanks for commenting! so good to hear from you. i have similar stories about money. back when gas was almost three dollars per gallon, i was jobless and living in my parents' house. obviously, i had no money with which to put gas in my car, which at the time was an suv. my dad would sweetly leave a twenty on the counter when he left for work for me to get gas, even though this only got me about a half a tank. but it was a half a tank that i didn't have, so i was grateful. sometimes i just wanted to say, "hey dad ... inflation ... ever heard of it?"

also, my grandparents always give us the same amount of money every year for christmas and birthdays. my grandmother always says, "take that and get you something nice," even though it will hardly buy a hardcover book. gotta love 'em.

april - thanks for outing yourself in the blogosphere. i read yours, too. :) i also wish you could meet granny ... she's a funny lady. one time she bought me a bright blue banana clip at a garage sale ... well past the time when banana clips were cool. nothing like a used, blue banana clip for 2002. she also wears a bad wig occasionally, even though she has hair.

that was the longest comment i've ever left on my own blog.

Julie-Anne said...

I have tried commenting on this one blog for DAYS now. Technology can be so tempermental! Your grandmother sounds absolutely precious. My grandmother sure was. Every letter she ever wrote me, she would always send me a dollar. For birthdays and Christmas we got $5.00, and sometimes $10. My grandparents were on a fixed income, so I knew that money was tight for them. Hey, dollars add up, man. I remember when I graduated from high school. I got all these cards in the mail, some with money--some without...(by the way, I got like, NOTHING from people upon college graduation, which is when you really need stuff) anyway, I get this card from my grandmother, and I open the card, TOTALLY expecting a check for like, $5.00 or something. There was a check in there, alright--for $200! I was so shocked, and she was so excited to give me that much money she just about peed her pants with excitement. It was great.