Monday, August 25, 2008

church, tequila, and neck licking

Setting: A barbecue joint, at the bar waiting for to-go orders
Cast of Characters: Five friends from church, two of whom are having beers while they wait - One crazy lady doing shots alone at the bar - One skeezy, yet young and somewhat attractive, bartender.

Friend One: [admiring Crazy’s shots] Hey … you want to do a shot?!
Me: A shot of what?
Friend Two: Seriously?
Friend One: I don’t know … tequila?
Me: [feeling frisky and never turning down anything free] Sure!
Friend Two: What the heck.

Some talk about top shelf, blah, blah, blah. Pour, pour, pour.

Skeezy Bartender: Who wants the big boy shot?
Me & Friend Two, in unison: Friend One.
Me: Am I supposed to drink this all at one time?
Skeezy Bartender: Yes. You lick the salt, shoot the tequila, and then suck the lemon.
Me: [Thinking this looks impossible, as all of these shots look like “big boy shots”] Er … okay ...
Skeezy Bartender: Or you could lick the salt off of someone. Like, you could lick it off of my neck.
Me: [looking shocked and slightly amused] Okay. Let’s do that ...


sara said...

So did you do it? Lick it off his neck, I mean.
And is it the guy who's normally in there on Sunday nights?

amanda hannah said...

oh, right ... i didn't tell that part. the mystery shall remain.

and yes, it was the same guy. jake, i believe.

MaryMartha said...

HA! Thats awesome!
oh how wish one of those "friends"
was L Mac. THAT would make it double funny :)

Angie Davis said...

i always click on your blog real fast when i see you have updated on my feed. but seeing "neck licking" in the title shaved at least 1/2 second off my time.

loved your previous posts to btw. sorry i'm a lazy commenter.

michael stewart said...

Ah, I thought you seemed a little late the other night.

amy :) said...