Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the lamest, most awesome labor day ever

While many people spent their Labor Days doing not-lame things like camping, spending time with their families, cooking out, etc., here is how I celebrated my first entire day off in almost two months:

Woke up at 10 am - oh, glorious sleep!

Watched reruns of Will & Grace - my conservative parents would be horrified

Drank coffee out of a real mug - not a travel one

Plucked my eyebrows - they were taking over the upper portion of my face

Watched reruns of That 70’s Show - I heart Fez

Cut my fingernails

Went to Chick-fil-A - fought the free chicken nuggets crowd

Bought a swim cap - which I look completely ridiculous in (pictures soon?)

Fell prey to the sale rack at Old Navy

Went swimming - my new favorite form of exercise. Except for that whole swimsuit thing.

Ate more chicken

Chatted online with Charlene (FBH!)

Did laundry

Watched yet more television - yes, Gossip Girl AND One Tree Hill. Who am I??

Thanksgiving, make haste!


sara said...

hey- sorry i never called yesterday. i planned to, but then woke up with a migraine. that had a complete altering effect on my day with my mom. blech. i hate migraines. anyway, sounds like you had a restful labor day. among other things, i vacuumed several dead cockroaches out of my air intake grates, in addition to 2 petrified gecko remains (that did not, in fact, fit into the vacuum cleaner hose, which involved some spastic dropping them into plastic bags, whilst my mom and i shrieked).
there is still some cobbler left, but only one more day. let me know if you want some!

s. wells said...

hm, well, that beats watching hurricane gustav tear apart my city then leave everyone without power.