Monday, August 18, 2008

my little addiction

Confession: I am addicted to cheap, store-brand jelly beans. No, no - not the fancy "gourmet" jelly beans that are tiny and taste like buttered popcorn (sick nasty). We're talking the big ninety-nine cent bag of beans that are really more colors than flavors. And my favorite? Black. Licorice, if you will (and I will).

I recently had a traumatic experience at CVS where I purchased a bag, really excited about picking out all of the black ones first. But what I thought was black was really a deep, deceptive purple. What tha? I wanted my ninety-nine cents back. To make matters even worse, the rest of the colors weren't even good. Not that you'd know that by the empty bag in my trash can.

This addiction is nowhere near my obsession with mellowcreme pumpkins in the fall. That blessed time is coming soon. I have been known to make myself sick polishing off a bag of pumpkins in three days. It's sick, really. Gobs of sugar. This is NOT on the "Get a Date by the End of '08" campaign. But today was a sad day and called for large quantities of sugar.

My jelly bean preferences, with the first being most preferred:



ck said...

black licorice jelly beans are my favorite, too. do you remember when Twizzlers (or whatever company made those candy ropes back in the day) used to make a licorice flavor? i do. i miss them.

Carla Jean said...

My obsession is Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes in the winter. I always go through several boxes of them... SO GOOD. The sprinkles make all the difference. I think I actually used to be in a facebook group for fans of the Christmas tree cake...

sheena said...

i love licorice.
and tell your friend CK that twizzlers is totally not a "back in the day" candy...they still make them...including the licorice flavor.

CK said...

Sheena, where, oh WHERE can i get me some licorice Twizzlers? do tell. i will run out right now and get them.

i see cherry-flavored (or strawberry, ick!) Twizzlers everywhere, but i haven't seen the licorice ones in years.

you know what black licorice reminds me of? watching movies like Romancing the Stone and The Princess Bride. ah, middle school.

Elisa M said...

I always feel weird and uncool when I say that I don't like either-jellybeans OR Twizzlers. in fact, twizzlers are my least favorite candy. I have tried and tried to like them, to no avail.
now I feel even more like a freak. Thanks

amanda hannah said...

elisa - you're not a freak. i don't like twizzlers either (gasp!). it's the texture - they're like chewy plastic. like juju bees in rope form. blech.

and i also threw up once after eating the starburst version of twizzlers. i always imagine chunky rainbow vomit.

ck said...

dude, the texture is the best part. chewy wax. yum!