Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A friend of mine did this on her blog recently.  Due to my affinity for lists, I thought I'd do one myself.  Even though it is the epitome of everything hated about blogs.  Hey, I'm trying to procrastinate over here. 

Eighty-Four Things About Me:
  1. I believe.
  2. I love to sing.
  3. I twitch in my sleep.
  4. I am an ESFJ.
  5. I wish I could play the piano better.
  6. I am a vegetarian.
  7. I have metal plates in my face.
  8. I am lactose intolerant …
  9. … but I love cheese.
  10. I sleep in earplugs.  Every night.
  11. I am a redhead. Natural, thank you.
  12. I love red wine.
  13. My favorite food is fresh cherries in the summertime.
  14. I have dated someone that I met online.
  15. I am the younger of two children.
  16. I am usually mistaken for the older of two children.
  17. I just figured out how to wear my hair wavy within the past few years, and I do not miss my hair dryer.
  18. I am a relatively quick friend-maker.
  19. I want to be a counselor when I grow up.
  20. I don’t drink soda.
  21. I want to get married.
  22. The place I want to go most is Scotland.  Right now, at least.
  23. I love to read.
  24. I usually try to read too many books at once.
  25. I like to deal with issues between myself and others as quickly as possible, but I am not always good at it.
  26. Music is my first love.
  27. I cook.  People tell me I do it well.
  28. I write.  People tell me I do it well.
  29. I have what I like to call “Cinematic Amnesia.”   90% of the time, I don’t remember anything from movies.  Even ones I watched the day before.
  30. I was once a consultant for Arbonne.  I sucked at it.
  31. I would like to have a PhD.
  32. I am starting a Master's in Counseling in August 2010.
  33. Once I ate grilled cheese and tomato soup every night for three months.
  34. I am a grammatically correct texter.
  35. I don’t cry much.
  36. I need to lose 40 pounds to be at a “healthy weight.”  I think that might be bull.
  37. I want to adopt a child.
  38. Relationships are very, very important to me.
  39. I have a growing mistrust of men.
  40. I don’t want to mistrust men.
  41. I look like my mom.
  42. I am good at parallel parking.
  43. I don’t like to receive flowers from significant others.
  44. As of August 14, 2010, I will be living in St. Louis for at least three years.
  45. As of August 14, 2010, I will have moved seven times in under five years.
  46. I have only had two boyfriends in my life.
  47. I love hymns.
  48. I am independent.
  49. I like filling out forms.
  50. Sometimes I wear glasses that I don’t really need because I think they are cool.
  51. I don’t like to abbreviate.
  52. I wish I could write songs.
  53. I love to dance, but haven’t done it in quite a while.
  54. I listened exclusively to Christian contemporary music when in high school.  I consider it one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
  55. I take anti-depressants.  It is one of the best things I have ever done for my health.
  56. I will never, ever date online again.  Unless I am still single at forty.
  57. I love wearing cowboy boots.
  58. I didn’t like babies or dogs until I turned twenty-six.
  59. I like to spell out numbers.
  60. Writing in all caps or in all lower case really bothers me.
  61. I love seeing makeovers of all kinds.
  62. I hate being singled out for being single.
  63. Sometimes I say the f-word.
  64. I have been laid off from a job before.
  65. I want to pray more.
  66. I crave autumn.
  67. I came darn close to going to culinary school.  I don’t regret not going.
  68. I have a LOT of pet peeves that involve noises.
  69. I love beards.    
  70. Despite the fact that I am “forty pounds overweight ,”(see #36) I love to exercise and eat healthily.
  71. I like to make lists.
  72. I fall down quite a bit.
  73. I love aprons.  I have several.
  74. Sometimes I am rude to people who answer phones at utility companies.
  75. I hate football.  Most sports, really.
  76. I can’t do math in my head.  Even simple addition.
  77. I was once served Arbor Mist by a guy I was on a date with.
  78. I am severely afraid of bees.
  79. I think Reese’s Cups are manna from the Lord.
  80. I hate passive aggressiveness, but sometimes I am passive aggressive.
  81. I like going to bed really early.
  82. I don’t much care for babysitting, but will do it for people I love (I’m almost 30 for crying out loud!)
  83. I’d like to be able to take great photographs.
  84. I am a professional at "the ring check."


Jorja said...

what the hell is wrong with people who are too lazy to use the shift key, huh? i'm just too damn tired. cut me some slack, okay! i love, love, love your list!

April Barber said...

I like you! I laughed out loud on some of these and said "Really" out loud a couple of times (#6?). I'll try not to ever ask you to babysit! :)

Amanda said...

Jorja - I do it sometimes, too. Therefore, I occasionally get on my own nerves. Thanks for inspiring the list!

April - Yes to number six. For about a year and a half. And I didn't say I DON'T babysit ... I just don't prefer it. But I do prefer getting paid when I am poor. :)

Stacy and Rick said...

I especially love #36. My Wii Fit tells me the same thing and I'm like "whatever!" dang....