Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"how can I help you?"

A most unfortunate event has occured. The receptionist at work was "let go" on Friday (don't you love that terminology?) In her absence, I have been asked to temporarily fill in as receptionist until they hire someone else. The past couple of days have been busy ... so busy that I'm tired and cranky when I get home. But today has moved like molasses. Even slower, maybe. It's amazing how automatic my voice has become when answering phones. I feel like that lady on Office Space ... "Just a moment!" Ugh ... so disgusting. It's like it's not even my voice. Some chipper, robotic, bimbo has taken over my vocal folds. Hopefully the hiring process will be speedy. I need space to roam in, and this 4 x 4 office ain't gonna cut it.


sheena said...

im a receptionist...but i dont change my voice...i probably sound like i hate my job. but i dont. i like my job.

amanda said...

It takes special, patient people to be receptionists, Sheena. Congrats on being one of those people!

RDS said...

oh amanda....a fill in receptionist is the worst! I actually like answering the phones, etc...but when it's not your actual job, it sucks. hope you don't have to do it much longer!