Monday, October 23, 2006

on the twenty-fifth anniversary of my birth

Today I am 1/4 of a century old. In commemoration of my 25th year, here are 10 things I wish to accomplish before I turn 35:
  1. Take a photography class.
  2. Make progress toward a degree in culinary or pastry arts.
  3. Move to the city ... finally.
  4. Purchase a house.
  5. Travel to at least 4 states I've never been to before.
  6. Travel to at least 1 country I've never been to before.
  7. Be published (something small ... no books or anything).
  8. Be (and stay) 30 pounds lighter.
  9. Learn to do ceramics.
  10. Flip a house (buy it, fix it, sell it for mo money).

Note, that things like "get married" and "have children" aren't on the list. I have no control over those things, though I do want them to happen. Having children before the age of 35 would be good, even though I'm not completely sure that I'd be a good parent. Don't really like infants.

A close number 11 would be "Successfully avoid my 10-year high school reunion, and all reunions after that." Or maybe "Get a tatoo," even though the thought of it kind of terrifies me.

What about you?


G. Twilley said...

1. Earn a masters degree.
2. Read at least another 120 books [that's only one a month].
3. Run a Marathon...if things go well with the first, then run 20 more of them.
4. Move to a bigger city...finally.
5. Have children.
6. Be published [other than on blogger or].
7. Buy a home.
8. Love my God better and more deeply.
9. Love my wife better and more deeply.
10. Love my friends better and more deeply.

susan said...

Happy Birthday!

1. remodel my bathroom and my kitchen
2. knit a sweater
3. have little Smiffs (or adopt some)
4. plant a vegetable garden
5. learn to take care of myself
6. cultivate a listener's ear
7. start my book
8. make my husband feel like the most loved boy on the planet
9. get a Golden Retreiver puppy and name her Fred
10. have a working fireplace in my house

amanda said...

Oh yeah ... and I want to run a half-marathon and take hip-hop dance classes. The next ten years are going to be busy!

Gene - I'm glad you want to love your wife better and more deeply. I just heard some men talking about how they see their wives less now that they're married, and how they don't take them on dates anymore. It made me sad. It also made me not want marriage if that's what it is.

Susan - a vegetable garden would also be good.

Kathryn said...

I think you should not be terrified of the tattoo. If I can get one...I think anyone can. I'm the biggest scaredy cat ever...and hate pain. And I had fun with it. You should come over here and get one where I got one...perhaps I'll get another one with you!! Heehee.

Laura said...

My hubbie is sweet. I wouldn't want marriage if that's the way it was either, Amanda. It can be a struggle for sure, but I know Gene is fighting for me. (And he still woos me with a weekly bouquet!)

Here's my list since I'm just now 25, too:

1. give birth to or obtain a child (legally)
2. get over food poisoning
3. learn more about Flash and ActionScript
4. work in non-corporate America
5. learn some Italian ... and use it in Italy
6. buy a home and make it pretty
7. grow in hospitality and loving others
8. grow in showing Gene respect in a practical ways
9. wash my car
10. set some more goals

G. Twilley said...

I'm glad my wife clarified that we will be obtaining children legally. I mean, those kinds of antics have gotten me in trouble before, nevermind.

Amit said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
How come ONLY one hundred and fifty-two insights and that too an exact number.. any significance to it ?

amanda said...

Amit -

It's a quote from the movie You've Got Mail. I posted about it somewhere.

Renee said...

Amanda, I love this post.
Here's my list:
1. Become a wife and a mother
2. Find out how I can use my passions and gifts to affect change in the world
3. Teach in some capacity
4. Create a photo dark room in my house
5. Become financially saavy or just stick to my budget
6. Sew a quilt
7. Join a soccer league and learn to play
8. Learn to speak French fluently
9. Get a Master's degree
10. Love with abandon

David said...

wow...this is an awesome post. didnt realize everyone was 25 this year.

Hmm. mylist (in no particular order)

1. get my doctorate (and maybe an MBA along the way)
2. live in at least two more states
3. buy a home/condo/some form of property investment
4. Travel to Europe, South America, and Australia
5. Travel to a place where spanish is the native language and salsa is the native dance. (I will sorta achieve this goal during Thanksgiving, but I'm not counting a 4-day trip to Mexico to build a house with my students) :p
6. Pay off my undergrad and grad loans.
7. Compete in an amatuer ballroom dance competition.
8. Be a more loving son (to God, mom and dad), brother, uncle, and friend.
9. Learn Spanish fluenty.
10. to religiously where my retainer :D

jeff said...

I like the idea of this post.

1. Become a loving husband and a father
2. Finish my master's degree
3. Grow in my love for God and others
4. Live in the city, be close to friends.
5. Read more books
6. Take seminary classes, and slowly work towards another master's degree.
7. Work out, and become as strong as Sylvester Stalone
8. Plan better goals
9. Be more active in the lives of my family and friends
10. Become a good thinker and speaker

Jason Harmon said...

one of the things on your list needs to be to update this blog.

amanda said...

Jeff - Sylvester Stalone as Rambo or Rocky?

Jason - Obligatory blog update, coming your way.