Monday, May 21, 2007

apartment search o'seven

It's that time again. It just wouldn't be right if I didn't move every 6-12 months. After a long period of fretting over whether I would have a roommate or be living in a shelter, I can finally say that it won't be the latter. Now the search begins for a place to live. The catch is that I have to be out of my apartment in nine days.

Today I went to check out a larger two-story apartment in my current complex. My apartment is far from the lap of luxury, but I figured I'd at least see if this one was any better. When I returned the key to Barbara at the leasing office, she asked me what I thought and I replied, "It's a dump. But thanks for letting me look at it." See was a little taken aback, but didn't argue. I'm sure she knows it's a dump, too.

This place has such potential. It's a great location, very spacious, good set-up, full attic space. But I just don't want to give some bum landlord money to live in a place that's dirty, has cabinets that don't shut in the kitchen, dead roaches on the floor, mold in every tile in the bathroom, and makes you feel like you have an upper respiratory disease when you leave. No thanks, Dan. Keep your crummy apartment.

Then there was the townhouse in Mountain Brook that sounded perfect. Reasonable rent, spacious, all the amenities that we want. But it definitely had all avocado green appliances and flooring in the kitchen, carpet in the half-bath (who does that?), and walls that looked like they hadn't been painted since their hay day back in the 70's. But the plus was that there were two formal dresses hanging in the bathroom. Bonus.

Why won't the landlords in this city take some pride in their properties?


Casey said...

come to homewood townhouse apartments. good location. good size. good rent. good neighbors. perfect.

Laura said...

Girl, I know the feeling. Something will come up, I know it. God's always be faithful to us whether we needed a place with AC, whether we got kicked out, or whether we moved to the Yankee north.

Ginny said...

what happened to canterbury gardens?

amanda hannah said...

Casey - we'll talk.

Laura - thanks for the encouragement. And thanks for the card ... look forward to seeing you both in November.

Ginny - that's what I want, but she's not convinced. Waiting.

Jason Harmon said...

that place with the green stuff and the carpet sounds like it rules. 70's design is where its at.

who's the other half of this we you speak of???


(fng... that's my favorite security word so far)