Tuesday, June 5, 2007

adventures in house sitting

It has worked out that I can house sit for my friend Sara for the month of June while she is in Europe. This is a huge blessing since Emily and I still haven't found a place to live (if you're reading this and know of any decent places, we're open to suggestions). I am very grateful that the Lord provided Sara's place for me, but I think He may be testing just how grateful I am ...

Before Sara left, her air conditioner began to leak. This caused the ceiling in her living room to slowly begin to fall. A little at a time, I watched as the drip caused more and more saggage. The air conditioner man came and fixed the drip, and Denny, the landlord, and I were talking about times to have the ceiling repaired. All was going well.

This past weekend, I had to be in Tuscaloosa for a little procedure on my jaw (long story short ... I had a needle inserted through my face and into my joint to "flush" it.) When I returned to Sara's on Saturday, I was greeted by a giant piece of sheet rock that had fallen from the ceiling and was on the living room floor, and 85-degree heat. So, I spent a weekend in a hot condo with sheet rock shrapnel everywhere.

Thankfully, Denny is a good landlord and got the mess cleaned up and the air fixed as soon as possible. It's been interesting, but even with all the problems I'm just glad to have a bed to sleep in.

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Sara said...

Oh, this is a series of unfortunate events, for sure... I'm sorry you're dealing with what should be my problem!