Thursday, July 19, 2007

concrete for breakfast

For the second time in the past four months, I fell down while running. This time I was trekking along Highland Avenue and located a sneaky uneven sidewalk. Thankfully it was early and no one was around to see me (there is really nothing you can do to save face when you fall down. No matter how much you laugh at yourself, someone else will still be laughing harder). Much like the last time, I tucked and rolled and ended up on my back, and then sat there for a few seconds surveying the damage. I wasn’t so lucky to escape injury this time … nothing major, but I have some nice road rash on my leg and a bright blue bruise on my swollen, pasty-white shin. It looks disgusting. I must be getting clumsier in my old age.


Jason Harmon said...

You're lucky we don't live in a bigger, more paranoid place where they have cameras every conceivable place (to thwart graffiti kids mostly). If we did you might find yourself on YouTube. Though it would be cool if every time people fell down they could post a video of it on their blogs.

arcusduj (talk about paranoid... google things people are going to steal our blogs)

susan said...

Oh. no.


Angie Davis said...

i bet you said something like "kksfq"!! when you fell.

amanda hannah said...

Yeah ... something like that.