Friday, January 11, 2008

landlord complaint, round two

Dear Incompetent, No-Good, Dirty-Rotten, Money-Hungry Landlord:

As I wrote to you about a month and a half ago, the ceiling in my bathroom is still falling in, and at more and more rapid rates. Shockingly, the ceiling hasn't repaired itself as expected. Yesterday, I was forced to be a Nasty B to the poor lady at the maintenance answering service. Please give her my sincerest apologies. I was informed that ceilings falling in are not considered "emergency maintenance," and that since it isn't water damage it will have to wait. No it's not water damage ... it's just soggy sheet rock that drips down my backside every time I use the toilet. Must be something else.

Again, if I'm found dead and naked in my shower under a pile of musty ceiling, my survivors will hunt you down and beat your ass. And take all of your money at gunpoint.


Dissatisfied Tenant in Apt. 3


susan said...

I think you should knock the rest of the ceiling down with a stick, put your head through the hole and give a "hidey-ho!" to your upstairs neighbor on the pooper.

Then call your landlord.

Amy said...

susan has a good idea. if anything, your upstairs neighbor would call the landlord.