Tuesday, November 18, 2008

amos lee & priscilla ahn

Last night I went to the Amos Lee show at Workplay. (Side Note: Can I just say, that I love Workplay, but am not a fan of the Sound Stage? More expensive tickets without seats and waitresses? Really? This girl is old and has a bunion - I don't want to stand up in heels for three hours, thanks.) Other than my aching feet and the heat of hundreds of people's bodies/too many layers of clothing, the show was amazing.

I had heard from a friend that Amos wasn't a great entertainer - that he was shy and pretty much played with his back to the crowd for the entire show. That was a few years back, and he must have grown into his performer shoes because he was fantastic. He had more soul than I would have guessed, and came across much more organically live than on his albums - an unexpected, but nice, twist. He also did some impromptu singing a couple of times, one of them declaring his wish for everyone in the place to have on roller skates. Amos ... such a jokester.

Did I mention that he is just as oddly attractive in person? I wanted to put him on a cracker.

I also had my mind blown by Priscilla Ahn. What a lovely, talented person. She was very witty, which showed up in her music, as well as her natural rapport with the crowd. Her voice is clear and almost pitch-perfect, and has a hint of childishness without losing the sophistication of her style.

Probably one of my favorite songs of the night was one that Ahn wrote after finding a note in a poetry book on her boyfriend's bookshelf that was left there by another girl (can't we all relate to finding dumb ass stuff like this, ladies? Just me? Dang.) The song below is what came of it - and yes, the girl really did write that in the book. I reserve special words for girls like that.

Came back from a late night
With my friends, you were out of town
I took off my boots
I took off my coat
And I took a look around

Looked at all the bookshelves
Just like I like to do
And found a little note
Some other girl wrote to you

It said, "Baby, baby would you read
A poem I picked for you?
I know you're sensitive,
But would you think about my boobs?"

What am I to do
When I feel so much love for you?
I wish that I could be stronger
But I get scared that my love will not do.

I do not want to be that girl
That cries at every turn
But I can't ignore
The hurt that makes me burn.

So please do be patient with me
I know I can have a bit of jealousy
But I promise you I'll be good to you in return.

So, baby, baby would you read
A poem I picked for you?
Would you think of me,
And not some other girl's boobs?

What am I to do,
When I feel so much love for you?
I wish that I could be stronger,
But I get scared that my love will not do.


Carla Jean said...

You know, I wondered last night if he's shy... because he didn't have much to say when it came to TALKING to the crowd ("Thank you, Birmingham"), but he seemed plenty expressive when he was singing his commentary.

That was my first soundstage show, and my WORD was it crowded...!

Noah said...

Priscilla Ahn definitely said nothing and walked right past me when I [along with a few others] thanked her after her show last month.

That's all I'm saying.

Amy said...

I remember when I went to see Dave Barnes. Most of the people were younger than me and were all like "Let's stand where he will basically spit on us." And I was like, "Damn. I wore my red heels."