Wednesday, November 19, 2008

things that I hate about my office, volume one of two hundred and seventy-four

  1. The guy who clips his fingernails every day.
  2. People who use the word "buzz" instead of "call." (Ex. "Joe, please buzz me at extension 202.")
  3. The guy who always greets his clients with, "Hey, Guy" on the telephone. Dude, everyone's name is not Guy.
  4. People who have conference calls with their doors open.
  5. People who stand in my cubicle to talk to the guy on the other side of the wall because they're too lazy to walk around.
  6. The guy that I can hear breathing from his office (and eating, and slurping his coffee).
  7. People staring into my cubicle every time they walk by.
  8. People walking past the lunch table and asking, "What ya got there?" As if they're really interested.
  9. People always asking me where the guy in the office next to me is. I. Don't. Know.
  10. Being considered the printer mechanic because I sit in the general vicinity the printer (read the instructions on the screen and remove the paper jam yourself).

The cube farm was the worst invention ever.


jess said...

Office Space to a T. geez!

sheena said...

#8 would drive me crazy. i cant stand when people ask what im eating when they can see clearly what im eating...and then they act like its something weird.

Patrick Sewell said...

Cubes suck. I love our studio. (not to gloat or anything...)