Sunday, January 24, 2010

chronicles of an online dater: volume five

Well, friends ... it has been six months since my first volume of Chronicles of an Online Dater. That means my subscription to is officially over, and since I didn't follow their rules and communicate with enough fellas every month, I don't get the satisfaction guarantee free six month subscription. So, I didn't find love on Match. Big fat surprise. Don't get me wrong, I did meet some decent people, one of which I still hang out with who I am quite a fan of (on the friend level, which is a story that I chose not to tell here because it was too hard for me).

I never thought I'd say this, but I am tired of going on dates. Contrary to popular belief, dating is pretty awful. Well, its awful when you're not dating people that you want to be dating. I haven't historically been in the position of having to turn someone down, but the past few dates I've been on I've had to be that girl. I hate her. She is really bad at being the bearer of bad news, or maybe even at interacting with men in such a way that they know where they stand. Even when I try to be honest from the beginning, I feel like I'm bad at backing up my words. This is going to sound really arrogant, and I don't want it to, but I am just good with people and genuinely interested in them. That interest can come off as romantic interest, and that is frustrating. Trust me - you'd know if I was romantically interested. I am not afraid of affection.

Come to think of it, I am also slightly slutty. I'm no stranger to making out on first dates. Heck, I walked away from my last date with a freaking hickey like I was 16 years old (I was mortified, I might add ... looking like complete white trash is NOT my thing). And then I find myself in the position of being attracted to someone, but having no clue if I actually like them or not. We all know that can get complicated. Actually, that is how my last serious relationship started out, and it was a complete disaster. One would think I'd learn my lesson.

All that to say, Match being done is a huge relief for me right now. I am still on the Schmarm (eHarmony) for another couple of months, but the guys on there are just like the ones in real life ... they don't talk to me. So, no worries of finding true love there. Yes!

If you know me personally and I ever start talking crazy like I'm going to date online again, please slap me in my fool face.


April Barber said...

Please come be my friend...I want to hear you saying all this in person! :)

Patrick said...

"I am not afraid of affection."

Hence your desire to "sconk dat ass."

Patrick said...

Oh, you're going to want to delete that last comment for sure.

Amanda said...

Ha ha ... Patrick, thanks for the sconking comment. Also, it looks like it might be time to turn on comment moderation. I love the way that "SEX" was just randomly thrown in there. I didn't date follow the link.

Amanda said...